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Creative Women International podcast

Nov 28, 2019

You might be someone who has many strings to their bow and doesn't know how to choose one. What if there was another way and like the make-up artist and serial entrepreneur MiMi Johnson, you could create a career you love, that even works when you are a mum! I had the pleasure of chatting about this with MiMi Johnson who is one of the most inspiring and hard working mum's I've met. She shares how to network when your shy and starting out, why you need to put the 'sweat equity' hours in, and how to do it. And all importantly- how to brand yourself and raise your profile. 

This is a actionable packed podcast episode that can help you figure out how to create your own dream career. 

There is a free workbook for you to download (see below) and you can find out more about MiMi from the link below. 


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