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Creative Women International podcast

Mar 25, 2021

Fear of success? Fear of failure? Fear of being behind? I have experienced them all and share tips to cope with it, why fear is actually your BF and ways that you can use it to your advantage. Fear doesn't need to be fearful! For more help grab a copy of The Business Of Creativity by Philiy Page from all online bookshops.

Mar 18, 2021

You might think that having a website is all that you need to get new clients and customers. But have you thought about how they use your website rather than you? In this episode I explain how to make your website work for your ideal client and customers and how to get them to make a purchase from you. You don't need...

Mar 11, 2021

Have you struggled to reach the goals that you set, or else find that procrastination and imposter syndrome strikes when you are trying to build your dreams? Then this episode is for you. We are amazing creatures but sometimes our own mind might be the thing that is holding us back. I share why this is and what you can...

Mar 4, 2021

Negative feedback can feel like a punch to the stomach, or else it can be fuel to get you closer towards your goals. In this episode I explain the science behind how we listen to negative feedback, what we can do instead, and why it's all in the delivery.
For detailed help with this and more grab a copy of The Business...