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Creative Women International podcast

Mar 6, 2018

Philiy Page chats with branding expert Liz Dennery Sanders about how you can create your own branding for your creative career. She discusses why this is so important even if you are a solo freelancer, top tips on how you can do it, and why your style is part of your branding kit. Liz has been in the business for 25 years working for brands like Escada, Serena Williams and Elyse Walker. She is the author of 'Style Substance: How to Create A Compelling Brand'. You can find out more about the book at Liz is on a mission to empower women and help them rise higher, building their businesses, growing their influence and shattering glass ceilings and old perceptions about what a woman is capable of being and doing. To get more great tips, freebies and to be the first to hear about events & course discounts, sign up to the Creative Women International newsletter at