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Creative Women International podcast

Sep 12, 2019

Hands up who wants to make more money! Got your's up? Or are you embarrassed to admit that you would love to earn more? Money is such a political topic, but I want us to have an honest conversation about it, and share ways that you can make more money right now, without having to make huge changes. 

In this episode I will be helping you to look at what you do right now, finding the places that you could charge more, or offer your services to a different audience who can afford it, we'll chat about 'the low handing fruit', getting your mindset changed around the money issue, and unpick why we love and hate the money in equal measure. And all of theses come with actionable steps and a worksheet to help you get going. 

Let's get comfortable with the moolah! Download and listen now. 

There is a free worksheet to help you out that you can download here: 


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