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Creative Women International podcast

Jun 25, 2020

Learning how to set boundaries can actually help you earn more. Not to mention the other benefits of spending more time with your loved ones and creating healthy work relationships with your clients. In this episode I share how you can make it work for you. And I have partnered up with Shutterstock to give you some...

Jun 18, 2020

Can we have a chat about mental health? In these crazy times and when you are pushing yourself out there again and again you need to build up resilience. The things is, most people think that grit is resilience when in fact the two go hand in hand. In this episode I share ways you can build up your own resilience, why...

Jun 13, 2020

Owning your story is a powerful tool. It can help you to build trust with your customers, find others like you, and help you to see how far you have come. There are ways that you can use it in your business that I share in this episode, and the best way to use it to make sales. Subscribe now to get all the tips. 

Jun 6, 2020

I'm sharing my personal story of why I started Creative Women International. This isn't something that I usually do, but I wanted you to see what is possible no matter what life has thrown at you. I didn't have any leg up in this industry and I had to find a way through with no parents to fall back on. I hope this helps...