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Creative Women International podcast

Dec 18, 2015

In this podcast we look at how storytelling can help you connect to your clients, audience and customers. You might not believe that you are a storyteller, but in this podcast Philiy Page shows you ways that you can tell your story, (or the story behind your work) to help your customers appreciate the work. It also...

Dec 8, 2015

When you are building your creative career you need to be able to sell your work to clients or a new audience. List Building is something that you should add to your marketing plan. In this podcast we cover why you should be doing it, and how you can start list building for your creative work.

Dec 2, 2015

We can learn how to become confident. Founder of the CWI Philiy Page shares her own story of being painfully shy & the tricks she learnt to over come it. She explains how to trick your body into thinking you are confident, and in turn actually change your body's chemistry so that you are confident. Helpful for when you...

Nov 25, 2015

Sometimes we do jobs for free when we are starting out on our creative career. Do you know your rights as an intern? Do you hire interns yourself and not realise what you are meant to provide them with? This episode talks about when you should stop working for free and how to negotiate a good price for the work that you do.

Nov 15, 2015

How to become a freelancer and create three income streams to help you build a successful career in the creative industries.